Sunday, April 3, 2011

Micromax-x265 act as a Moderm

Hey Problem Fixed Micromax-x265 act as a Moderm

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Micro-Max x265 problem solved (How to connect mobile as a Moderm in PC)

Note:Before Doing all the things get the GPRS Settings from the Service Provider

Step-1: Download the Q3/Q3+/Q6/Q7  pc Suite from the
                            1-     or
Step-2:    U ll need a driver to connect the device(Micro-Max -x265)
               When u ll connect the device with pc it ll show error(MT6225 DRIVER MISSING )
               For all the os (win7[64/32]bit/win-xp(sp1,sp2),win blacked,win vista[32/64],win 2000 etc)
               for this driver u have to contact Micromax
              Customer Care: ( 01-3144770000 / 18605008286 )
              if u contact and ask the driver to my pc(ask espically the OS versions)
              u can get the MT6225 driver from the Customer through ur mail
Step-3:  After getting the driver INSTALL it into the OS
             If u installed Sucessfully means in ur system it ll displayed a Msg

Step-4:  After that open Micro-Max Q3/Q3+ PCSuite
              ill look like:::

                 In that check the left most corner it ll displayed a msg NotConnected

Step-5:      This change done in General

                 Check the COM port (text box) Modify the com port it may contain Com1 to 10
                 when ll u  change the com port and see the Left  bottom of the PCsuite,if it ll displayed  the  Msg                  Connected means (now ur mobile is connect with PCsuite)

Step-6: This Change done in CreateConnection

After connecting ur mobile with ur PCsuite u have to Create a Connection
in that u have to selected New/Modify

 In that u can see new/ modifiy form
1-Give any name
2-Give the correct APN address
3-Don't change the Number  (*99#)
its permenent if u change means it wont work
4-USER name and password Must be blank 
if u give any password/user name means its wont work 
4-select new Button
5-select the create Button
when u  click it ll displayed the msg
Connection Created Sucesssfully

Step-7Then you have to move to DailUp mode
=>select the Sim
then Click Dail up

that all now ur PHONE will act as a moderm

Note::when ever u connect internet means
1:   run the PC Suite
2: check the left botton whether device connect/not
3: if its connected no probs
u ll check the com port
4: create a connection
5: Dail up
6: remote connection connected sucessfully
u can access internet

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  1. send driver in my email os version is windows 8.

  2. send x265 driver for windows 8 pro.